G4ZFE MySQL Log Search - Requirements

Current Version

V1.2 - 8th October 2004:
- added support for uploading ADIF files
- added logfile table to track uploaded files


The following PHP and MySQL scripts allow you to create a searchable on-line amateur radio logbook using a MySQL database. The log search is intended for DXpedition use and only uses minimum QSO details (callsign, band and mode). On the plus side this means that the database has low disk requirements (my 62,000 QSO database requires 2.4 MB (data and index)) and is fast (benchmarked up to 500,000 QSOs). The database is designed to handle a number of logbooks and can import log data from ADIF or Cabrillo log files.

An example of the database is the G4ZFE Log Search page

The Logbook consists of the following scripts:


To create your own MySQL log search database your web site must allow the use of PHP and MySQL. I would also recommend the use of phpMyAdmin which will simplify the maintainance of your database.

To test if you can use PHP and MySQL copy the following code and create an info.php file. Copy the info.php file to your web server and open it up with a browser. Remember that it is a .php file and not a .html file.

// Show PHP settings on your web server

If the above PHP program works and you can also see a MySQL section then your web server has PHP and MySQL support. If not, then you are unable to use the logbook. Sorry!

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