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Since February 2005 my new callsign is 9M2CNC.

Kuala Lumpur

Picture: Nipa and Petronas

Contesting from my apartment in the centre of Kuala Lumpur is very difficult. I have had some success operating from my apartment but I only have a good takeoff to JA and W6/W7. Signals from Europe are blocked by numerous buildings including the Petronas Twin Towers which are only 500 metres from my apartment.

As an aside I have tried operating HF from my office on the 51st floor of the Twin Towers with no success. I assume that the windows are thin metal mesh as I couldn't hear any HF signals with my Isotron on the window sill!

I have experimented using an Isotron 15m antenna but that did not work too well and picked up too much local interference. The best condo antennas have been dipoles and quarter wave wires hanging off my balcony.

Thanks to assistance from Sangat Singh, 9M2SS, I was able to obtain a reciprocal 9M2 callsign. I have been helping him set up an HF station at the Satellite Tracking Station that he manages whilst he has also been trying to get me hooked on satellite images and satellite radio!

The photo shows Sangat, 9M2SS, outside the Satellite Tracking Station at the KL Planetarium (Negara Planetarium) on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Visible in the photo are the beams used for 137 MHz Weather satellites and also satellite QSOs, Cushcraft R5 vertical and other 144/432 MHz antennas. Also on the roof are dishes for HRPT reception and TVRO satellite TV.

The station uses the callsign 9M2RPN (Radio Planetarium Negara).

Picture: 9M2SS at the station
Picture: Force 12 C3-S

The photo shows the dish used for receiving HRPT Satellite images and the Force 12 C3-S beam used for HF. The beam is only up at 40 feet but has an excellent take off as the station is on a hill overlooking the city. For contests that require 40m and 80m inverted Vee antennas are put up temporarily on the shack roof.

Also waiting to go up is a 6m beam on another smaller tower. The site should be good for 6m.

The photo shows Keith, GM4YXI operating some of the HF equipment at 9M2RPN - IC-775 and IC-PW1 amplifier as the main station. The second station consists of an IC-756 Pro and AL80 amplifier. The station is equiped for M2 contesting.

Picture: Inside the shack

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