9M2/G4ZFE - Operating from a Condo/Apartment

HF Condo Operating

Picture: View from Condo

I live in a condo/apartment in the centre of Kuala Lumpur about 1km from the Petronas Twin Towers. The photo is the view from my balcony on the 26th floor looking north east towards JA and W6/7. All other directions are screened by tall buildings and very few contacts have been made with Europe.

The photo also shows the Putra LRT railway line (the curving line in the middle) just before the line goes underground.

The photo shows the HF antenna that I am currently using - a separate quarter wave of wire for each band suspended using a telescopic clothes line prop over the balcony and three quarter wave radials which lie on the balcony. The antenna is an inverted vertical and is fed using co-axial cable and an antenna tuner. The clothes line prop is used to keep the wire about one metre away from the wall. The antenna is only used during the hours of darkness - after 11:30 UTC.

The antenna works well on 7 and 10 MHz and I have had good reports from W6/W7 at their sunrise (23:00 local time) which is suprising given the distance - 8700 miles - and the simple antenna. I guess the height of the antenna helps!

Picture: HF Condo Antenna
Picture: Shack in Condo

The photo shows the 9M2/G4ZFE condo station - Yaesu FT100, MFJ co-axial tuner and Bencher paddle. The main problem is the high noise level in the middle of the city.

Overall I have been impressed so far with the results from my condo and it is good to be on the air and have some ragchews on CW. I operate contests from the KL Planetarium station but do not do any casual operating from there.

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