Welcome to G4ZFE and 9M2/G4ZFE (now 9M2CNC)

NOAA 16 image Welcome to the Amateur Radio World of Richard Everitt, G4ZFE/9M2CNC (ex. 9M2/G4ZFE).

I have been licensed on HF as G4ZFE since 1984. From January 2001 to May 2006 I was active as 9M2/G4ZFE and then 9M2CNC. I still activate 9M2CNC during major contests and other business trips to Asia.

Please visit the Radio Society of Great Britain to find out what Amateur Radio is and why it's such a great hobby.

The image is taken from NOAA-16 and shows Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The image is courtesy of the Satellite Ground Station, 9M2RPN, Planetarium Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

Since Feburary 2005 my new callsign is 9M2CNC.

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